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Soundhealing Wien by Verena Magdalena

My journey with sound

I have a very clear memory of myself as a small child: I was sitting on the grass, looking at the night sky and I sang songs. Intuitive words and sounds emerged and I loved it. I loved it so much and I was absolutely free.

Growing up I had much shame around my voice, it was my biggest love but also it was of course an expression of who I truly was, it was like sharing my soul with people- and I didn't feel safe sharing that. So I stopped for a long period of time until after having completed my studies in arts & design I ended up in a big marketing agency. One day I was humming a little song while I was absorbed working at a project. And I was heard by someone who recommended me to someone else- I ended up in a recording studio with a contract as singer & songwriter. That was an amazing time of my life and I loved writing music. 

There were major changes in my personal life and a big loss and suddenly I was pregnant and retreated into a different phase- a never ending phase- being a mom of a wonderful being. And then my second child came into my life and I was happy.

And on one sunny day I stumbled over a woman on the Internet and she had this interesting white bowl in her hands and tapped it and - WOW! I was blown away. What is that? How can I find out more? Well this white bowl was of course a crystal singing bowl, and this moment started my journey into the art of healing music and healing instruments. Because when I played my first crystal singing bowls and I sang with them I heard so many frequencies- it sounded like a choir of angels. And there was a voice and still is- singing with me, in perfect harmony. It depends on the surrounding but I know it is always there, singing with me. I remember washing the dishes one evening and I heard a beautiful choir out of nowhere - and I hope to be able to hear these sounds and voices even more as my life progresses and I evolve. 


A short while later I purchased a shrutibox- an old instrument made in India, and when I sang with it - again: there was this choir, there were these frequencies, and I was connected. And I felt like a child again, absolutely free. And I loved it, I loved it so much! 

So working with the medicine of sound is deeply healing for myself, it helps me transit and flow through life with more ease and grace than I ever thought possible. Once the sound opens up these little locks inside of you and you start to be more of your true self your life will become a nicer ride. I am glad to be of service through sound by offering my songs, hosting sound meditations, soundhealing sessions and soundbaths for you.

I would love to end this with a quote from Krishna Das:

I am not a singer, I AM the song.

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